How Grains Mess Up Your Gut and Trigger Inflammation

Eliminating grains from your diet can actually help you reclaim your gut health and reduce inflammation. Grains have been a part of our everyday diet routine for centuries and many people rely on them for the bulk of their meals. But the bitter truth is the lectins and phytic acid in grains make them extremely hard to digest. For many people (especially those with autoimmune and gut issues), grains wreak havoc on the immune system and trigger symptoms of autoimmune.

How to ditch the grains?

If you are experiencing digestive issues, it is important that you consult your doctor. Any changes in digestive health should be assessed. If you suspect your gut issues are related to diet, eliminating grains may help.

Quitting on something you have been eating almost all your life can be hard and a little stressful too. Here are some tips to help you:

· Positive self-talk is important. Keep a positive mindset and know you are doing this for better heath!

· Do the quitting in your own way. A lot of people tend to take gradual steps because they cannot give up grains suddenly and that is okay.

· Do it your way; any way that you are comfortable with.

Pamper yourself in any other way that you love. If you like watching movies; go for it. If you like attending parties, then do that often. In the beginning, you can divert your mind from the grain ditching process by focusing on the “good” in life.

What to eat instead?

You might ask what would you be eating if you ditch grains completely? There are a lot of things that allow you to replace grains in a healthier way.

1. Spiralized zucchini noodles

2. Spaghetti squash

3. Tapioca pudding

4. Smoothies

5. Baked apples

6. Grain-free protein bars

7. Protein balls

The key is to have fun with your diet. Don’t get stuck in the grain rut!

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