4 Ways Yoga Helps with Autoimmune Disease

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Living with an autoimmune disease could feel like a never-ending fight, as it subjects you to chronic pain, chronic inflammation, and exhausting states of remission and relapses throughout the journey.

It has been proven that yoga is an excellent method to reduce inflammation and boost immunity. Yoga makes an excellent practice for women suffering from an autoimmune disease, as it concentrates on restoring the function and performance of the body and mind. For people with autoimmune, I suggest Yin Yoga, restorative yoga or gentle yoga. Power or hot yoga may not be appropriate during times of healing.

Yoga nourishes the nervous system

Practicing yoga is proven to nourish the nervous system which can aid in reducing chronic pain. Yoga broadens the horizons of the mind, and it nourishes your mental well-being in the process. It is extremely important for anyone suffering from an autoimmune disease to have a healthy state of mind and body.

Yoga boosts immunity

When you have an autoimmune disease, it is tough to keep immunity up. Studies show yoga helps boost immunity and strengthens the body.

Yoga balances hormones

Practicing yoga also helps maintain healthy hormone balance. Yoga supports the whole endocrine system. In fact, each of the 7 chakras of yoga are associated with an endocrine system gland.

Yoga changes your mindset

It is important to maintain a healthy mindset in order to cope with the challenges of autoimmune disease. Yoga is considered an effective medium to encourages positive mindset. Yoga will also help you befriend your body. When our health fails, it’s common to feel like the body is betraying you. The word yoga means “to unite”. So, if you are feeling disconnected from your body, give yoga a try.

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