Herlands Health Offers a different approach to feeling better. By addressing the root cause of your chief complaints, we help you find answers to your questions. And answers are powerful.

In Chinese Medicine, the patient is a very strict part of recovery and healing. What you can expect when you come to Herlands Health. Each session begins with an in-depth series of questions and evaluation used to create a map to address your issues and create harmony.

Several therapeutic techniques are also used to diagnose patterns and illuminate imbalances. Much of the conversation will begin with food. At Herlands Health we believe that what you put in your mouth creates the environment for health or disease.

Following the evaluation, will be a Tui Na massage which is an effective energetic health treatment targeting pressure points to release blocked energy to address specific health concerns. Herbs and supplements or exercises to get the body back in balance may be offered.

Each session will bring a sense of calm and peace, refreshing the body by moving Qi(life energy) and creating homeostasis. The treatment is exceptionally empowering to the patient making clear that the body wants to be in balance and that the best cure is prevention and knowledge. This therapeutic combination is commonly used to help chronic disharmonies like digestive issues, depression, sleep issues, joint pain, stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, Hoshimotos, Thyroid disease, skin disorders, headaches and many, many others.

Karen Herlands is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist and Tui Na Acupressure

Karen Herlands HHCP, AADP

Simsbury, CT




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Herlands Health Offers a different approach to feeling better.

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