Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville founded The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences (IHAS) in 1990 in West Hartford, Connecticut.  IHAS was the only energy medicine school in New England, and was approved by the Connecticut Commissioner of Higher Education.

 IHAS teaches The W.I.S.E. ™ Method of Energy Medicine which encompasses the art and science of working with the human energy field to support physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness in addition to supporting recovery from illness or injury.

In its 660-hour program, it teaches hands-on-healing to bring awareness, balance, and healing to the body by working with the bio-field, meridians and chakras. The psycho/spiritual correlates of physical disease and disorders are a major emphasis of The W.I.S.E. Method; at IHAS, attention is paid to what was happening in a client’s life at point of onset or exacerbation (worsening) to support the client’s awareness of their body’s response to stressors. Specific hands-on techniques work with various disorders and diseases to support the client’s healing process whether briefly or in multiple healings to help prevent a reoccurrence. Energy psychology is an integral aspect of this method. It can support you, both in physical health care and in reclaiming your passion, your vibrancy, and your spiritual connection to yourself, the self you may have lost touch with long ago as you took on the responsibilities of your life choices.

The Institute closed in 2009, and Dorothy has recently resurrected the IHAS program through The Institute for Transformational Coaching and Leadership.

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